The Last 2 Months

Blue Eyes

Hai :) I tried gyaru-style makeup last night! My friend wanted me to try on these blue color contacts... what do you guys think? I look freaky huh? LOL


Sorry I went missing... again....

Good news!

I am officially dating a boy :) WOW! It's been almost 3 years since I last dated someone or even liked someone to this extent so it's a bit weird but... I enjoy it :)

As for my health, I have been doing fine :) At some random moments, I feel some anxiety and feel scared for no reason. Also, I woke up at around 5pm today so.... I have sleep problems sometimes as well. I seem to be totally fine when I am with someone, but it just all goes downhill when I am by myself. Lately, I have always been hanging out with my friends or with my bf so I've been totally fine. I guess since my friends are all busy and my bf is out of town this weekend, I had a hard time waking up again. I wonder if I will ever be able to fix myself...

I also survived school last quarter with decent grades! I am just so happy and grateful to my teachers and friends for helping me get through. Now, this quarter I am also receiving lots of help so I shall not let anyone down! I am very determined to do well this quarter as well. I want to push myself to the limit and not give up.

I am very happy and I cannot ask for anything else :)

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Comments (2)

  1. bo989

    great to see you doing well
    no more binges? tahst great to here! wish i could say the same myself.
    whose the boy – more details demanded!

    April 07, 2013
    1. sora224

      nah not really… I stopped caring about food really cause I am just too busy with school and social life, but right now I am really focusing on taking care more of my body and thinking of starting HCG again soon!

      April 07, 2013
      1. bo989

        Your happy, if i wereyou i wouldnt bother off setting that binge routine again.

        April 07, 2013
        1. sora224

          lol well it’s because I am happy with my social life that now I want to make myself happy by being able to love myself, and i definitely wont be able to do that w.o. any effort you know?

          April 08, 2013
    2. sora224

      it’s actually the boy I was sorta interested before when I went to the zoo with my club last year. I think I mentioned a tiny bit about him, not knowing I’ll get together with him at that time though LOL

      April 07, 2013
      1. bo989

        and he obviously likes you the way you are – why change!

        April 07, 2013
  2. brainstormer

    I have the same problems at an older age. The same need to be at least around someone tolerable to feel content or safe. If I am around anyone that gives me tension or reason to fear, I am restless and rattled. If I am alone too long, I get lost in my head. If you didn’t mention the contacts, I might not have noticed. But, they do look a bit freaky. I don’t really notice any makeup…but your hair and smiling face look incredibly beautiful And, the outfit is a nice combo, too. I also just noticed the image is mirrored. The clock is backwards.

    April 07, 2013
    1. sora224

      Ohh I see, how do you get lost when youre alone? For me, I just start feeling the blues which makes me not want to do anything but just stay in bed cause idk what to do :O
      Oh really? lol I guess its not that flashy then if you didnt notice. and aww thanks!
      oh yeah, i took it with my laptop webcam so thats probably why :P

      April 08, 2013
      1. brainstormer

        I can always think of something to do. Which is why I rarely get bored. Yet, it’s responsibility that haunts me like the ghosts in A Christmas Carol. Braaaainstormerrr…you haven’t done your ___ yeeeet….oooooOOoo….put down the pencil and get to woooork… Staying in bed feels nice some days, too. But, if I stay in bed past noon, I feel yucky. But, yea, fabulous hair. meow

        April 09, 2013
  3. Deadinside

    you look amazing! sorry ive been gone for such a long time. I was in recovery and still am. I just somehow couldnt logg in,i felt like i would relapse.You need to tell me how you did it?

    January 02, 2014
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