SCD - Day 8



Oh no oh no oh no nooooo. Day 8 and I cheated.... this time it's an unofficial cheat :( I was doing fine up until dinner time and I was still craving fast foods that I did not get to eat yesterday. 


Well of course I gained 3lbs back from yesterday but I read from many others doing the same diet that this is normal and that you will lose it all and more the following week. 


So, I am aiming for that as well. This week my goal is to get past at leaset 135! 


Weight Today - 140.8lbs


What I Ate Today (Total Calories - 1820) 



110cal - 30g protein shake





320cal - 2 Popeyes chicken drumsticks

520cal - 2 Popeyes biscuits

510cal - 1 Large McDonalds french fries

360cal - 1 McDonalds chicken wrap 


Bad move to skip lunch on my part. This and how I acted upong what I still felt the fast food crave from yesterday was my mistake for today. 


Wow I am SO scared for tomorrow's weight. But hey, this is the consequence. Never again do I want to repeat the same mistake. Food coma is the worst feeling ever too.


I vow to myself and the world that this will be my first and LAST to cheat this diet. I am already past the first week, I don't want to throw out all of my effort out the door with any more cheats. I have control over myself. I am way more powerful than my own cravings. What I truly desire is to change and have sexier body that I will be confident in. I do not desire anymore junk food inside me. 


I GOTS THIS! :) Please keep supporting me.




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