SCD - Day 7

Good Evening World


CHEAT DAY! YAYYY :D Been waiting for today since the day I started this diet lol. Also scared at the same time that I will gain back all that weight I lose this past few days.


Weight Sunday 11.8.2015  - 137lbs


What I Ate Today (Total Calories - ??) 



110cal - 30g protein shake

100cal - Black Beans



1 cup of grapefruit juice

3 cups lemon water

1/2 bowl of casserole - pasta, chicken, canned mushroom soup, mozzarella cheese, bread crumbs, zucchinis, cabbages, potato

1/2 rice with natto

tater tots



Chex Mix



Ochazuke (Brown Rice ice with warm water, Japanese dish)

1/2 bowl spaghetti with raw egg

Tater Tots



Wheat Thins

Hersheys Dark Chocolate with Almonds

Dark Chocolate Cookie


Oh and sorry I did not bother keeping track of my calories. Don't plan to for the rest of my cheat days either since it's definitely over 1200calories lol.


Ugh felt SO sick after lunch and dinner, especially lunch. Major food coma and ended up taking a 2 hour nap right after because of it. Didn't feel so good throughout the day. Today's goal was to eat as much as I can in order to feel disgusted by any junk carb foods throughout the following week when I go back to following my usual diet.

Oh no I am definitely scared for tomorrow morning's weight check in. 


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