SCD - Day 6

Hello World :) 


Still the same, no gain no loss. Good news I suppose. I was also a bit down for not losing weight but hey, I am happy there was no weight gain :) 


Weight Today - 137lbs


What I Ate Today (Total Calories - 822) 



110cal - 30g protein shake



210cal - 3 eggs, sunny side up

68cal - cooked zucchinis  

132cal - black beans



78cal - chicken breast  

43cal - cooked cabbages 

132cal - black beans

0cal - soy sauce + fish stock soup (literally just water)

49cal - almonds


Wow I thought I went over my 1200calories limit today. I cheated on the almonds tonight :( I was only supposed to have up to 15/day (13cal) according to the slow carb diet. But oh the hunger.... my hunger won tonight :/ Though I am still happy about myself for not cheating anymore than the almonds :) I also pushed myself hard at the gym today so.. I deserve it..? lol not really. I have no good excuse.


Gotta keep moving forward!



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