SCD - Day 5

Hello World!

Sorry I wasn't able to update yesterday's progress. No weight change. I was really hoping to go 136 but darn :/


Weight Thurs 11.6.15 - 137lbs


What I Ate Today (Total Calories - 978) 


110cal - 30g protein shake



210cal - 3 eggs, sunny side up

54cal - cooked zucchinis  

132cal - black beans


  • DINNER (estimate)

150cal - Ground Beed, grass fed

50cal - Brocolli

132cal - Black Beans

140cal - 2eggs


I ate dinner at my boyfriend's place and since he didn't have a food scale, I just estimated. This made me realize though how it is a bit difficult to keep track of my calorie intake and what I eat when I am outside. So far, I've been working from home so I've been able to cook at home which is convenient for tracking. 

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  1. stephaniehytten

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    August 04, 2016