SCD - Day 2


Hello Again~

I was super happy this morning to see that I went down 3lbs from just the first day on the diet! Great way to start the day :) 

** I'm behind for 3 days so the next 2 posts will be for yesterday and today's progress**

Weight Yesterday (11.3.15) - 139.8lbs

What I Ate Today (Total Calories - 798)

  • Breakfast - 110cal - 30g protein shake
  • Lunch - 210cal - 3 eggs, sunny side up

59cal - cooked zucchinis  

143cal - red beans

  • Dinner - 98cal - chicken tenderloin 

42cal - cooked cabbage

136cal - red beans 

I forgot to mention that my other rule is maximum 1200 calories/day. So far, so good. 

I noticed I started getting a headache in the evening. Took 1 advil and I was feeling fine. Wonder what that was. I rarely have headaches. 

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  1. lachlangotch

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    August 15, 2016