Me and My Weight

Little bit of my history with my weight...

I started 110 in high school and was at around 125 when I graduated. I went down to 123ish that summer I graduated. Soon after I gained enormous amount and was at 160 at peak within the next year. If you read my earlier blogs, you can tell how I was having a hard time losing weight. I believe it had a lot to do with my mental state back then. I managed to effortlessly lose weight and get back down to 140 in 2013 and have been keeping at that since then.

Now that I am back with a healthy and positive mind set, I feel more committed than ever to turn my goal into reality. To be quite honest, I would be very happy when I hit 120 in the case I don't make it to 110.  

I can definitely feel the difference between dieting now and back then. I'm just feeling way more happy and excited, simply put. Plus, it feels great to see the results so fast. This really helps me to stay on the diet unlike the other diets I've been on.

World, please keep cheering me on :) 


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