It has finally come...

Once again, me and myself had been fighting over for over more than 3 days now and the selfish me won. 

I'm sorry to dissapoint everyone once again; for making fake promises 

To be honest, I do not regret: because I know this will be my last cheat ever.

That first bite of that brownie tasted AMAZING (not gonna lie), but I just felt so full after eating a bowl of spaghetti, 6 brownies, 2 bowls of Kellog chocolate bits cereal, 5 chicken tenders and 1/2 cup frozen peaches that left me in a really nauseas state. I feel really sick to my stomach.

"One's best success comes after his greatest disappointments" - Henry Ward Beecher

This is why I do not regret, because if I did not cheat during this diet, I would literally have gone crazy I'd so something even more bizarre (I can imagine myself losing my mind and do literallly NOTHING all summer).

I am mentally prepared that I have gained weight from this. 

I was at 150lbs this morning, lost another .2lbs. I wonder how much I would weigh tomorrow...

Thinking positively about the cheat of today and will learn from this experience to really succeed!!

I am planning to start doing exercises as well to get back on track with my body activity. Not sure exactly what I should do yet but will have it all planned out before I go to bed tonight!

byebye for now ;)

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