HCG Day7, Dreaming

HCG Day7, Dreaming

The last few days since I'm on the HCG diet, I find myself startled waking up in the morning. Then I remember what I dreamed of...


Omg I'm such a pig in my dreams too! Maybe it's cause of the cravings for food I have been having recently. I forgot what food I was eating but I'm always dissapointed in the morning because I cheated, and then I have a sigh of relief realizing it was just a dream.

Never had such a nightmare over joy of food lol

Well, I lost .6lbs since yesterday leaving me at 150.2lbs. Well, this is starting to become a slow progress. What if I'm at 150.1 tomorrow? OMG being at 149 seems so far away with this pace lol

Oh well, at least I AM losing weight ;)

Today I ate...

- chicken 60gram (60cal)

- shrimp 100gram (115cal)

- asparagus ( 22cal)

- cabbage 100gram (17cal)

- 4 melba toasts (92cal)

- apple (95cal)

- orange (65cal)

- more than 2liters of water

total calories: 466calories

Yayy for not going over 500cal, boo for eating more than 2 melba toasts like I was supposed to.

This is officially my first day to cheat. Well at least I finished it all off today so I really won't be having any starches for the next 2 weeks.

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  1. bo989

    Try and concentrte and add up how much you lose over the whole week! It will help spur you onn well done btw!

    August 30, 2012
    1. sora224

      yeah if you think of it that way, I lost 8pounds in 6 days.
      but oh gosh, I’m so close to cheat today. Still having a really bad craving over sweets (I had no chocolates for over a week now)
      can’t stand still

      August 30, 2012