HCG Day6, almost forgot

HCG Day6, almost forgot

I almost forgot I had work this evening! Luckily I realized an hour before I had to be at the office, enough to get to my workplace on time ;)

I lost a pound from yesterday, leaving me at 150.8lbs

I think this made me cranky the whole day. How I wasn't at least 149lbs, how I didn't lose more than 2 or 3pounds just like the last two days.

Why do I have to be so impatient!!


Oh how I've been craving a brownie or actually filling foods the whole day, especially now.

Ahhh so frustrating...

I'm still staying strong, did not cheat at all today :)

- chicken 100gram (100cal)

- shrimp 100gram (115cal)

- celery 2 stacks ( 28cal)

- cabbage 1/4 ( 68cal)

- 2 apples (190cal)

- 2 Melba toasts (46cal)

- more than 2liters of water

Total calories: 547calories

Went over few calories, but that is a-okay :) I just called my HCG advisor and she told me I can eat over 500cal, as long as the foods I eat are only of what HCG approves. Plus, it's only 47cal, no biggie right?

Byebye for now :)

P.S. my bad for posting this late, I thought I already posted it but I just noticed that I had this on "draft" this whole time... 

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