Byebye to someone-who-I-never-met-before

Peace OUT!

J is for JERK. hahah

I am going to write a venting blog, just a heads up for those who don't want to waste time lol.

I rarely get mad at anyone

I get sad and disappointed a lot of myself, but you will never see me get mad at other ppl

except last night.. HAH

wow.. I haven't gotten frustrated and so disappointed in someone for such a long time, lol

it sorta felt good to feel furious, to be weird hahah

but yupp, I just learned that he didn't learn his lesson like I thought he did

and as much as I hate to think like this, I don't think he will ever change.

I know people go seek help from the internet when they're feeling lonely or don't have anyone to talk to but I don't think it's good if you are going overboard with it and letting it take over your life.

It's as if he is on a bad drug. He says he will stop, but see him repeat the same mistake again. SO lame lol. 

I seriously wish he would stop making virtual girlfriends that dont last over few weeks and put more effort in real life lol. Duh you are lonely cause you're on the computer all-day and not out there socializing so it's stupid to use that as an excuse...

Well that just made my life so much easier then lol

I don't have to feel so guilty or bad anymore

cause he is just that kind of a guy :P

who keeps going onto some sketchy random dating sites and not care about them hah

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  1. bo989

    good for you!

    February 02, 2013