Bland Life

Taking a break...?

... is pretty stressful


Well, I didn't really know what to write today... I am having such a boring life that idk what to blog about hahah :P

That L guy, I think he found another girl already HAHA. I don't really care much anymore and I dont even know for sure if he has... I am just suspecting :P

As for school, I'm kinda bummed that I won't get too sleep as much tonight cause I have this big project due tomorrow which I barely started :O But then again, this project sounds fun so... I guess that will compensate for my beauty sleep :P

My health wise... hmm I haven't binged which is good butttt I am really lacking to eat veggies and fruits :O I hope to focus on my eating habits after this week is over :O

Got class in 10min, tata for now~

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